Fridge repair in Nairobi

Fridge repair in Nairobi

FRIDGE REPAIR IN NAIROBI. Freezer repair in Nairobi, refrigerator repair solutions and services.

Nairobi Repair 0714901783 is out to offer you quality services in home appliance installation, repair and maintenance. Experienced technicians are readily available.


We service and fix all makes and models of all brands including Samsung, LG, Ramtons, Ariston, Von Hotpoint, Frigidare, Amana, KitchenAid, Miele, Constructa, siemens, Aeg, Westinghouse, hisence, bosch, Electrolux, Fischer and paykel, haier, kelvinator, bruhm, Magic chef, Beko, Thermador, Wolf, Mika, Armco, IceCool, ashton meyers


Fridge Types include:

Top Freezer Fridge, Bottom Freezer Fridge, French door fridge, side by side refrigerator and Compact/ Mini/ Table Top /Bar Fridge.




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We offer services such as

Fridge gas refilling

Compressor replacement.

Maintenance and cleaning.

Repair or replacement of the evaporator.


Fridge and freezer problems include:

Fridge not turning on

Freezer not cooling

Defrost not working

Compressor vibration too loud

Insufficient refrigerant


We solve cold room problems such as

. Some product is freezing

. Some product is shriveling

. Some product is sweating or has free water on it

. Product is displaying premature ripening, discoloring, and loss of leaves (plants)

. Product has odors or off-flavors

. Product is rotting

. Walls and/or ceiling are condensing

. Walls and/or ceiling are moldy

. Walls and/or ceiling are rotting

. Ceiling is dripping

. Floor is drying out even if floor is sprayed with water

. Inside air temperature fluctuates during storage period

. Inside air temperature is warmer than desired during storage period

. Inside air temperature is colder than desired during the storage period

. Inside air temperature is not uniform

. The storage air smells bad or is difficult to breathe

. Evaporator coils are icing up and run a lot of condensate

. Electrical consumption is rising

Freezers faults

can’t turn on, Not keeping food cold

Leaks; Not cooling properly; Very noisy; Water dispenser not working; Defrosting issues


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